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Season over for K2 climbers, but many lucky to be alive

July 25, 2016

The season for climbing K2 appears to be over as a huge avalanche destroyed all of the equipment for many of the climbers. This avalanche wiped out all of camp 3.

Serge Dessureault has commented on his Facebook account wondering how there were not many deaths from the avalanche. He says that many of the climbers were to be fortunate at camp 2. Had they left the day before and been at camp 3 then all of those climbers would have died. He said that no Sherpas were going up K2 now and the teams have lost everything.

He has decided, along with many other climbers, to head back home. The window for climbing K2 was tight he said, and time has run out since they have little equipment to do any climbing.

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