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Vanessa O’Brien reaches camp 3

July 26, 2017

Vanessa O’Brien has reached C3 and has hopes of reaching the summit. She said that she was at this camp and was on a summit rotation. Most likely she will be trying to reach the summit within the next 2 days. It sounds a tall order but this is expected to be the best weather in the last week.

She is on the Abruzzi Ridge. Some from her expedition have turned back.

Vanessa O’Brien twitter


Climbers resting at base camp after acclimatisation 

July 15, 2017

The climbers have now returned on both the Cesen route and Abruzzi Ridge and are now back at base camp. 

On the Cesen Route, Himalayan Experience made it to camp 3 on K2. On the way up they were hoping to salvage some equip,net form the 2015 expedition on the same route. They had mixed success with this. They did manage to salvage a number of oxygen bottles which will mean less to carry up to higher camps. On the other hand, much inside their old tents were frozen solid and could not be salvaged. 

Russell Bryce did mention a huge avalanche that came down one night near this route. He said it came from over 8000m high. Even though their base camp was over 2km away from where the Avalanche came down, the tents managed to get sprinkled with snow. He said that a tent, near where the Avalanche came down, at what he calls crampon point, was swept 100m. This was eventually recovered. 

On the Abruzzi Ridge climbers have managed to make it to camp 3. This would be the new camp 3 slightly below the old one. Vanessa O’Brien has at least managed it to camp 2.  On her Facebook page she has photos of herself climbing up to this point. There is one photo of her at House Chimney. 

Himalayan Experience

Vanessa O’Brien Twitter

Vanessa O’Brien reaches camp 1

July 8, 2017

Vanessa O’Brien has reached camp 1 on her second trip up K2 in 2017. She is taking an advantage of a better weather window. Despite this forecast there have been reports from the nearby Broad Peak that there has been more snow falling than expected with the weather not as good for them to continue. 

Vanessa O’Brien reaches K2 base camp

June 27, 2017

Vanessa O’Brien has reached base camp on her 2017 attempt on K2. In 2015 her attempts of climbing the mountain were stopped by dangerous climbing conditions later in the season. In 2016 a huge avalanche stopped all climbers, including herself, from attempting the summit.

She is attempting to become the first woman from North America to climb K2. She holds dual passport for Britain and the USA.