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Strang arrives back at base camp

July 11, 2017

Fredrik Strang has arrived back at K2 base camp. He said that he will tell more details later. He had been up to a camp that they are now making at C3. This is a new place that they are placing C3 which is below the old C3. 

This trip up K2 would have given him and others acclimatisation for their first attempt at the summit when there is another weather window. 
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Climbers advance up K2

July 10, 2017

Good weather and climbing conditions have allowed some expeditions to reach the lower C3. Fredrik Strang has reported that he and his expedition have setup camp at C3. They are spending the night here. The reason that they have not gone higher to the original C3 is the damage the ridge has received in avalanches in recent years. It is now too dangerous to camp there. 

Last report from Vanessa O’Brien had her at camp 2 and making her way up. She said that this was an acclimatisation for her. It would be expected that all expeditions will be using this trip up the mountain for acclimatisation. Also they will be fixing ropes all the way up as far as they will go. Will be interesting if the Sherpas are able to fix the lines all the way up to C4. 

Possible changes to K2 in last number of years on Abruzzi Ridge

July 7, 2017

Fredrick Stangl has raised the possibility that there have been at least 2 mar or changes to K2 in the last number of years. 

Firstly he said that expeditions are now more wary of camp 3. Since there have been huge avalanches at C3 the last few years it is seen now as more of a dangerous area than before. Expeditions are now putting their camps below the original C3. The camps are also smaller. 

Also he mentions that the bottleneck may have changed too. He was to,d this by Mingma who said that since 2008 when there was the huge ice fall from the sera above it, it has become less steep and thus must be easier to climb. 

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Fredrik Strang back at base camp

July 6, 2017

Fredrik Strang has returned to base camp after a failed attempt to make it to camp 2. He said that the weather conditions did not allow the, to climb to camp 2 from camp 1. 

He said that the glacier at base camp where his tent is has been melting. He has to be careful of puddles where before there was snow.

He expects that in the next few days that it will snow and some of this to settle on K2. He also expects that there will be big avalanches come down the mountain. 

Fredrik Strang struggling with neck injury

July 4, 2017

Fredrik Strang has posted on Facebook that he has some sort of neck injury. He has been resting for a number of days, but says that he is still experiencing pain. He is worried that it might curtail his climbing efforts this year.

He has posted today though that he has made it to C1. He said that the neck injury was not bothering him as much as before.

He also commented on the conditions going up K2. He said that both him and a Pakistani climber noticed that the snow was unusually wet. He is implying warmer conditions and the snow has melted more than previous times. Normally this is not a good sign this early in the season.

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Weather stops Strang from climbing to camp 1

June 30, 2017

Bad weather has prevent Fredrik Strang from climbing to C1. He said that there was snow and wind which would have made climbing too difficult.

He also talked about the importance of keeping active when they cant climb. He said many climbers just stay to their tents and don’t do anything. He said it was important to do things like yoga, fixing the campsite and reading books, to keep mentally active.

He also talked about some of his feelings about the 2008 tragedy on K2.

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