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Fredrik Strang ends expedition

August 1, 2017

Fredrik Strang has ended his 2017 campaign to climb K2. He said that he had 2 options. The first was to climb K2 solo. This would be done with him only carrying essential gear. He believed that he had the experience to do so. One of the problems he saw was that warmer conditions had been experienced on the upper parts of K2. This can raise the risk of rock falls and avalanches, and make footing less reliable. He thought that maybe the bottleneck would prove to be difficult under those circumstances. Plus if he climbed K2 alone then there might be no one left on the mountain or in base camp. That would be very risky if anything happened to him.

His second option was to end the expedition. This is what he has decided to do after weighing the other possibility. He is naturally disappointed. He said that once he reaches Skardu he will post pictures from his expedition.

He said that he has already decided that he will make another attempt on K2.

Fredrik Strang Facebook


Fredrik Strang may try for another summit attempt soon

July 29, 2017

Fredrik Strang has said that his next attempt at K2’s summit will depend on the weather in the next few days. If he does try again then he will take the Cesen route and not the Abruzzi Ridge. He said he would do this because of bad conditions on the Abruzzi. He would likely mean avalanches and possible rock fall.

Strang also congratulated those who made the summit yesterday

Fredrik Strang Facebook

Dangerous conditions forces Fredrik Strang and Polish team to abandon K2 summit attempt

July 28, 2017

Fredrik Strang has called from base camp to say that he has abandoned his attempt at the summit till there is another weather window. He said that the conditions were dangerous. The snow was deep and there were potential avalanches. Visibility was poor too. 

The following is from his Facebook page:

“They aborted the ascent at aprox. 7400 meters due to bad weather and dangerous conditions with little visibility, waist-deep snow and avalanches.”

Polish climbers also abandoned this attempt. 

It may mean that the only climbers there are from Destination Dreamers, who are going for the summit. 

Fredrik Strang Facebook

Fredrik Strang still hopeful of making summit

July 26, 2017

Fredrik Strang earlier today updated his Facebook, stating that he was hoping for better weather today and tomorrow as well. He is currently climbing the Abruzzi Ridge.

Yesterday he was stuck at C2 at 6700m because of poor weather conditions. He is hoping to reach camp 4 and then the summit of K2 within this weather window.

Fredrik Strang

Strang will start summit attempt tomorrow

July 22, 2017

Fredrik Strang says that he will make his only summit attempt of K2 this year tomorrow on the 23rd July. He said that he is relying on the weather forecast for a chance to make the summit. And at the moment it maybe good enough for a summit attempt on either 26th or 27th of July.

He has been borrowing a satellite device to update his posts. But he said that while he is on the climb up, he will not be able to post pictures or videos till after the climb. Maybe even till he arrives back in Skardu.

Fredrik Strang Facebook