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Climbing season over for most on K2 after huge avalanche 

July 24, 2016

After the huge avalanche at camp 3 on K2 most climbers are considering returning to base camp. Fortunately, there appears to have been no climbers at camp 3 when it struck. But one climber did say it would have been a catastrophe had 50 or 60 climbers been there when it struck.

Everything was apparently destroyed in camp 3. The Sherpas went up to the camp and saw what damage the avalanche did. Oxygen bottles were heard to be exploding against the rocks during the Avalanche.  All of the ropes, tents and other equipment were lost. Fortunately, the avalanche did not hit either camps 1 or 2. It appears very fortunate that this struck when no one was in the camp.

There is discussion though between the climbers about whether they might go on. This is only a few. They don’t have the ropes or equipment to climb the final sections though. Most big teams will probably be going.


Avalanche wipes out all camp 3 tents

July 23, 2016

Vaness O’Brien has reported that all of the tents at camp 3 on K2 have been hit by an avalanche. The way she reported it was that they must be destroyed. She did say though that all expeditions are safe. At the moment she has arrived at camp 2 after spending 2 nights at camp 1.

Vanessa O’Brien Twitter

One could follow Jake Meyers GPS tracker and see him go past camp 3 before heading back down towards camp 2.

Jake Meyer tracker

With the tents at camp 3 destroyed then it must throw into doubt many of those aiming for the summit on the present attempt.