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Davo Karnicar to return home

July 7, 2017

Davo Karnicar has decided to return home and not attempt to ski down K2. He said that injury to his back was the main reason for returning home. Also he said that it was difficult conditions this year for it to be skied down. He was attempting to ski down the Cesen. Had things gone well he would have skied from the bottleneck. 

Davo Karnicar


Davo Karnicar skies on K2 from camp 1

July 6, 2017

Davo Karnicar has skied down the lower part of K2. He has done an initial test run from camp 1. He skied from there to base camp. 

Davo Karnicar and expedition team reach K2 base camp

July 1, 2017

Davo Karnicar has reached K2 base camp after a 5 day trek. He has the intention of being the first person to ski down K2. He intends to ski down the bottleneck and keep going down the mountain from there.

Amongst the other members of his expedition are: Boris Repnik, Dr. Nejc Kurincic, reporter David Stropnik who will be documenting the climb, and also the Pakistani climbers Sayeed Ahmed, Farhat Khan, Fida Hussain and Muhamad Hussain.

It looks like the will be climbing the Cesen and thus expect this route to be skied down too. The Pakistani climbers have experience on this route.

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