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Himex Sherpas head for C3

July 24, 2017

Adam Parore has updated his Instagram to give an update on his expeditions progress. There have been difficulties with stronger than forecast winds. They are at about 35km/h at C2. They are expected to be higher at C3. He says that if the Sherpas don’t setup C3 today then they wont have time to rope the entire route, setup C4, and make the summit before the 29th July. This is when worse weather is expected to close in.

Parore though expects the Sherpas to turn around before C3. He thinks the winds will be too strong and common sense says that they play it safe. But we will find out later today.

He also said it could be soon for a decision on the expedition. If they cant realistically make the summit by the 29th July then their aspirations of making the summit this year could be over.


These Sherpas have turned back because of snow and high winds. They turned back before lunch. 

Adam Parore Instagram


Momentum shifts against climbers on Cesen

July 24, 2017

Adam Parore has updated his Instagram and said that there have been high winds on the Cesen route. The Sherpas at C2 have stayed in their tents all day because of these winds. He said that they had a day on hand for the expected good weather in the middle of the week. But this is a set back. The Himex Expedition and Polish climbers have been on this route.

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Camp 2 on Cesen route in good shape

July 23, 2017

Some climbers from the Himalayan Experience (Himex) have reached camp 2. They found it in good condition. There were fears that it could have been damaged by a separate avalanche that occurred on the Abruzzi Ridge.

Adam Parore reported that he was still in base camp. Time was becoming a critical factor though. He said though that he was feeling 100 percent.

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Adam Parore reaches near camp 3

July 13, 2017

Former New Zealand test cricketer Adam Parore made it to near camp 3 on the Cesen Route up K2. Weather had been good for a few days to enable him to reach this high. He described conditions as beautiful but also very steep. He said that he was the cook. There is not much cooking though as the climbers were only after water heated by the bunsen burner or soup. Physically he said that he felt very strong on this trip up. 

He is now resting at base camp. And awaiting another weather window to attempt a summit push. 

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Ex cricketer Adam Parore amongst climbers on K2

July 8, 2017

46 year old ex New Zealand cricketer Adam Parore has been part of the 80 or more climbers on K2 this year. He has previously climbed Everest and now has set his sights on K2. He has an Instagram account which he posts regularly from the expedition. He said that he has trained very hard for this. He is part of an expedition that is climbing the Abruzzi Ridge.

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