Wind slowing down climbers on K2

July 23, 2016

At the moment there are a large number of climbers who are attempting to go further up K2. Most are at either camp 1 or 2. It has been reported that strong winds have slowed a number of them. Quite a few could not make it to camp 2 and are presently at camp 1.

Also it has been noted that because of the large number of climbers going up this has also slowed down the progress of many climbers. They are still unsure of conditions higher up the mountain and whether the recent snow will have any affect.

Climbers head up K2 on a hopeful summit attempt

July 22, 2016

Many climbers have started the climb up K2. There is a fortunate weather window at the moment and they are hoping that it lasts at least till the 26th of this month. If it does then they are hopeful of reaching the summit.

Some climbers are already at camps 1 or 2 on the Abruzzi ridge.  Some others are taking an extra day in base camp before heading up. There have been reports of tents being destroyed in camps 1 and 2 after some wild weather in the last few days. The climbers will not know if their tents and gear are ok till they reach these camps.

Company demands climbers pay extra for Sherpas

July 22, 2016

One of the commercial companies at K2 has been trying to get climbers to pay extra for the work of the Sherpas, it has been reported.  Nick Rice is reporting that the leader of the Kobler commercial company came to his tent and demanded that he contribute to paying the Sherpas. Apparently the company had under paid the Sherpas and the leader of the expedition was going around to many of the climbers at K2 base camp and asking them to pay to make up for this.

As Nick Rice reported though the Sherpas are there on a tourist visa. They are not there on a working permit. Thus if here were to give money to the, then this would be breaking their visa rules. Nick also reported that the manner that the Kobler leader talked to him was very condescending.

Nick Rice Blog

Climbers looking for another attempt this week

July 20, 2016

There looks to be another window for climbing K2 this week. There is an improved weather situation, but this is not expected to last. But even this good weather which is expected to start today, Wednesday, still makes some climbers wary.

K2 Mountain forecast

Serge Dessureault reported from base camp that there has been recent snow of up to a meter. He said that he is wary as he would want the snow to settle on K2 reducing the avalanche risk. He said that he is not sure what to expect if he climbs up K2, as there may or may not be high avalanche risk.

Serge Dessureault Facebook

Many climbers have reached camp 3 on a previous attempt. So many will feel that they have acclimatized. So a summit push would be their next aim.

Doubts still remain though over some of the climbers who have been going higher up on K2. There have been reports where other climbers have noticed that they seem to need more help than others. Also the sheer numbers of climbers still awaiting a summit push is about a 100. If there is clear weather at some point then there would appear to be too many climbers on the Abruzzi route, which may slow up many climbers.

Some climbers have already left whether through medical reasons or tired of the waiting game at base camp.

K2 and Broad Peak climbers awaiting evacuation

July 19, 2016

There is a report that there are 2 climbers that are awaiting evacuation. One is from K2 and the other from a Broad Peak expedition. This news is from the Mountain Professionals. They have an expedition that is climbing Broad Peak.

The climber from their expedition has thrombosis in one of his legs. The Other cover is at K2 base camp. Both are awaiting better weather so a helicopter can come and take them away.

Mountain Professionals

High winds turns many climbers back from camp 3

July 14, 2016

After what has been described as a hard climb between camps 2 and 3 it looks as though the most recent summit attempt is over. Many climbers are reporting to be turning back. They said that the winds were too strong to continue on. With this expecting to continue, it looks as though another attempt will not be made till later in the month.

At this point no one has climbed as far as camp 4. Even in good weather the climb between camp 3 and 4 can be quite a challenge depending on the terrain at the time.

Large number of climbers attempting to climb K2 in 2016

July 14, 2016

There are a large number of expeditions and climber attempting K2 this summer. Some of the larger expeditions have both Sherpas and porters. The role of the Sherpas is to fix the lines between the camps. They will also be going ahead of many of the climbers to fix these ropes.

On the one hand this will increase the chances of summits this year. But on the other hand, some climbers are reporting that it is very crowded when climbing. There seems to be waiting periods on places like House’s Chimney. Also some climbers have been reporting that there is little space to place tents on places like camp 2. Plus some climbers have apparently climbed to these places without the proper gear expecting there to be a tent for them.

As for following some blogs and information from the climbs the following links are provided.

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And lastly a weather forecast from Mountain Forecast

Movie to be made about first 1954 ascent of K2

April 23, 2012

There will be a movie made about the controversial first ascent of K2. Director Robert Dornhelm, producer Norbert Blecha and actors Marco and Michele Bocci Alhaiqu will be making this film. The entire film has been filmed around Innsbruck.

The director Dornhelm said that he was not aware of the controversy about the first ascent of K2. He said that he will be presenting the facts in an easy to explain way.

Source: Relevant

Fredrik Strang going to K2 in 2012

April 22, 2012

Fredrik Strang is going back to K2 in 2012. He has been putting some videos of his training on YouTube. It has been reported on Wikipedia that he is going for scientific research. The research will involve decision making at high altitude.

Strang was on K2 in 2008 when there were a number of deaths on the mountain. He was one of the climbers who turned back at 8000m before the bottleneck. His decision making then made sure of his survival.

Russian K2 expedition members fly to Islamabad

February 15, 2012

All members of the Russian expedition to K2 have successfully made it to Islamabad. There was 3 flights from base camp at K2 to evacuate all of the members. All the gear was taken also. They initially went to Skardu. Vitaly Gorelik’s body was taken to Skardu’s hospital.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition