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Fredrik Strang ends expedition

August 1, 2017

Fredrik Strang has ended his 2017 campaign to climb K2. He said that he had 2 options. The first was to climb K2 solo. This would be done with him only carrying essential gear. He believed that he had the experience to do so. One of the problems he saw was that warmer conditions had been experienced on the upper parts of K2. This can raise the risk of rock falls and avalanches, and make footing less reliable. He thought that maybe the bottleneck would prove to be difficult under those circumstances. Plus if he climbed K2 alone then there might be no one left on the mountain or in base camp. That would be very risky if anything happened to him.

His second option was to end the expedition. This is what he has decided to do after weighing the other possibility. He is naturally disappointed. He said that once he reaches Skardu he will post pictures from his expedition.

He said that he has already decided that he will make another attempt on K2.

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