O’Brien and Sigurjonsson either at summit or very near

The GPS of both Vanessa O’Brien and John Snorri Sigurjonsson have them within metres of K2’s summit. One would assume that they are there or minutes away from being at the summit.  Sigurjonsson has been recorded at a height of 8602m. K2 is 8611m high. O’Briens GPS heights have been less reliable. More information will be needed for her location.

So far they have climbed nearly 16 hours. They will want to get down as quick as possible if they have made the summit, before darkness. The part after the bottleneck seems to have taken the climbers much longer than they thought.

John Snorri Sigurjonsso GPS

Vanessa O’Brien GPS



6 Responses to “O’Brien and Sigurjonsson either at summit or very near”

  1. Kristinnf Says:

    When does it start getting dark?

  2. Kristinnf Says:

    And how long will it take to get down to camp 4, and are they gonna stay there and rest for the night?

    • k2bottleneck Says:

      Its an unknown, obviously it will be quicker getting down. But on the bottleneck they will have to be careful even with ropes. They need to do this with enough daylight to be confident. They can still do it, especially with Sherpas there helping. On the other hand, they will be exhausted.
      I cant see them getting past camp 4 tonight unless they really have to. Going to C3 in the dark would not be wise.

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