Vanessa O’Brien reaches camp 3

Vanessa O’Brien has reached C3 and has hopes of reaching the summit. She said that she was at this camp and was on a summit rotation. Most likely she will be trying to reach the summit within the next 2 days. It sounds a tall order but this is expected to be the best weather in the last week.

She is on the Abruzzi Ridge. Some from her expedition have turned back.

Vanessa O’Brien twitter


One Response to “Vanessa O’Brien reaches camp 3”

  1. Scott Dixon Says:

    Can someone please explain “summit rotation?” Who is at C3 with her? She still has to go through C4, right? The summit is still > 1 mile away, straight up vertically. So she still has well more than 1 mile climbing. When can she realistically summit?

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