Many teams retreating ending their expedition

There have been reports that some of the teams and climbers have given up on K2 this year. Overnight there was snow that fell that made the slopes deeper with snow and also increased the avalanche risk.

Mingma G a leader on the Destination Dreamers expedition said that most of his team is retreating. He said that K2 is all about the weather and during the last 2 days they have encountered bad weather. He said some are staying on the Abruzzi ridge to see if conditions improve for a summit later this week.

Mingma G Facebook

Himex expedition on the Cesen route are all retreating back to base camp. Their expedition is over. Adam Parore reports that there was heavy overnight snow. About 20cm of snow fell above C3. He said that conditions were too dangerous to continue with a very real possibility of avalanches. They had a lucky escape though. They split the Sherpas up into 3 groups. But one of them got hit by an avalanche. All must have got through it ok though.

Adam Parore Instagram

There were other Polish climbers on the Cesen route. Andrzej Bargiel reported yesterday that he was headed for C3 today with Janusz Gołąb and Kuba Poburka. So we are waiting on updates on their expedition.

Andrzej Bargiel Instagram

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