Hari Mix outlines plan to summit K2

Hari Mix has updated his blog to state how he is going to summit K2 and on what days. For it to work then July 26 has to be a day with little winds and good weather. They will leave for the summit late at night on the 25th and hope to reach it on the 26th. If the good weather comes a day or 2 later this would be good for them too. But if it comes any earlier than the 26th then they will not have a weather window to make the summit.

Here are his plans below:

July 23: Direct to Camp 2

July 24: Camp 2 to Camp 3

July 25: Camp 3 to Camp 4. Leaving early so we can be in camp by noon to hydrate and rest. Departure for summit around 10-11PM.

July 26 (Technically starting late at night on the 25th): Summit day and descend as far as possible. I expect at least 12 hours up and I will descend as long as I need to get safe. I am climbing with Nima who will be on oxygen and have extra for me in case I have a problem.

July 27: If this is summit day, I will likely take an extra day on the 24th or 25th in Camp 2 or Camp 3. I can not afford to spend extra time in Camp 4 without oxygen. Otherwise, descend to BC.

July 28: Reserve/descent

Hari Mix


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