Badia Bonilla and Mauricio will try for K2 summit on 27th July

Badia Bonilla and her husband Mauricio will be trying for the summit of K2 in a weeks time. They have so far reached camp 2 for acclimatization and have been in base camp since because of the bad weather. They will be taking the Abruzzi Ridge.

The weather forecast from Mountain Forecast is good for the early part of the 27th of July. The winds would have dropped and there will be minimal snow according to the forecast. Later that evening it is expected to snow quite heavy. But by then the climbers will have had a chance to reach the summit, and then head back to lower camps. This is of course if the weather forecast is accurate. On the 2 preceding days there is also expected to be low winds. However after the 27 the forecast is quite bad with heavy snow expected on the 28th. Climbers may have to adjust their plans according to the weather, and which might change as it gets closer to those dates.

Badia Bonilla and Mauricio


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