Criticism of skiing expedition

Adam Parore has heavily criticised a skiing expedition on K2. He said that the first mistake they made was that they turned up late. Secondly they turned up and looked like they had not done enough preparation for what they were getting into. He was also basically saying that they were very unrealistic in their attempt. 

This expedition also did not take into account possible avalanches. Parore said that they just missed a huge avalanche. 

Here is what Parore has to say:

“Most astonishing has been one of the European teams- they arrived late, appear to have had no weather forecasting, and pulled a couple of crazy manouvers on the mountain in the 5 days they have been here. The highlight was undoubtedly a few nights back when they departed at 6.30pm, an hour after a heavy snow storm passed through, and suffered a subsequent near miss when they got hit with the inevitable avalanche trying to ski down a heavily loaded snow slope. At the time I filed this one as ‘Operation Certain Death’. Not surprisingly a good number of the team have departed for home- terrified. People wonder why K2 kills 25% of the people who set foot on her- stupidity. Simple as that.”

Adam Parore Instagram 



One Response to “Criticism of skiing expedition”

  1. Scott Dixon Says:

    Well said. I couldn’t agree more, as I commented a couple of times on their blogs. You were much more technical than I could ever be. This could be filed under #TemptingFate.

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