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Badia and Mauricio have arrived at K2 base camp

June 30, 2017

Badia Bonilla and her husband Mauricio arrived at K2 base camp on 25th of June. She plans on being the first woman from the Americas to climb K2. She is Mexican. She has competition for this from Vanessa O’Brien.

Badia Bonilla Facebook


Weather stops Strang from climbing to camp 1

June 30, 2017

Bad weather has prevent Fredrik Strang from climbing to C1. He said that there was snow and wind which would have made climbing too difficult.

He also talked about the importance of keeping active when they cant climb. He said many climbers just stay to their tents and don’t do anything. He said it was important to do things like yoga, fixing the campsite and reading books, to keep mentally active.

He also talked about some of his feelings about the 2008 tragedy on K2.

Fredrik Strang Facebook

Fredrik Strang amongst the climbers this year

June 29, 2017

Fredrik Strand is amongst a large number of climbers attempting K2 this year. He was among a number of climbers who attempted K2 in 2008. He turned back before the bottleneck and possibly saved his life, because he considered conditions too dangerous. 11 people were to die that year. He has reached base camp and he said he will have more details later. 

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Camp 1 reached on K2

June 29, 2017

Himalayan Experience have already setup camp 1 on K2. Mostly clear weather allowed them to reach this point. Then they set about climbing to camp2 and reached about 500m before this camp. The weather turned more cloudy and they stopped here.

Himalayan Experience

Good weather on trek to K2

June 29, 2017

Climbers have been greeted by good weather on the way from Askole to K2 base camp. Himalayan Experience are reporting that the weather was cloudy on the way in. This was good as it meant that temperatures did not rise too much.

There are pictures of K2 base camp with clear sunny skies on their blog. The expedition is led by Russell Brice.

Himalayan Experience

Vanessa O’Brien reaches K2 base camp

June 27, 2017

Vanessa O’Brien has reached base camp on her 2017 attempt on K2. In 2015 her attempts of climbing the mountain were stopped by dangerous climbing conditions later in the season. In 2016 a huge avalanche stopped all climbers, including herself, from attempting the summit.

She is attempting to become the first woman from North America to climb K2. She holds dual passport for Britain and the USA.

2017 K2 Summer Expeditions

June 10, 2017

There are a number of expeditions attempting K2 in the summer of 2017. At the moment this is about 50 climbers. Below are listed the expeditions.

  • KTP USA International  Broad Peak K-2  Expedition 2017
  • Furtenbach Adventures K-2 & Broad Peak Expedition 2017. This expedition will attempt Broad Peak first, and if the climbers are willing to then make an attempt on K2. They will use the Broad Peak climb as an acclimatization for K2. There will be Nepalese Sherpas to assist.
  • Himalayan Experience K2 Expedition  2017.
  • International  K2 and Broad Peak Expedition 2017
  • Lela`s  International K-2 Broad Peak & Praopa RI Ski Expedition 2017