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Video shows the difficulty on Houses Chimney and Black Pyramid

September 7, 2016

There is a video on YouTube from Takayasu Semba climbing up the Abruzzi Ridge on K2 in 2016. He was attempting K2 this year but was thrashed like all other climbers by a massive Avalanche that wiped out camp 3 and all hope of reaching the summit, In particular it can be noted in this video just how steep Houses Chimney is. This is just below camp 2 and is a 50m crack where climbers are aided by old and new ropes. Without these ropes and at this height then many climbers would struggle. 

Also his video shows the technical difficulties of the black pyramid. This is between camps 2 and 3. There are ropes and ladders but still this area is a test and can be very slow due to the technical difficulties and the lack of oxygen at this height. 

He does say in the comments though that the Cesan Route is harder than the Abuzzi Ridge. 

Abruzzi Ridge 2016