More climbers announce end of their attempts to climb K2

It looks even more likely that there will be no summits this season on K2. There were only a few climbers contemplating continuing on after the avalanche on their last attempt. The handful that were look like they have decided to head home.

Nick Rice announced on Facebook that he has ended his attempt. He had been bitterly disappointed that others had given up after the avalanche. He thought that there was still a chance as long as others remained to help climb. He also thought that some Sherpas were taking down ropes which could have been used by other climbers.

Nick Rice Facebook

Jake Meyer has also said that he will be heading home. He seemed extremely disappointed with how it all turned out. He said that he was feeling extremely strong when he reached camp 3 after the avalanche. One gets the feeling that he thought he was strong enough to make the summit this year. He had previously tried in 2009. He also was hoping that some Sherpas would stay behind and help the last few remaining climbers to reach the summit. But all of them decided to go home, which seemed to disappoint him quite alot. He said that it is unlikely that he will be back. He has a wife and child with another on its way.

Jake Meyer Blog



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