Some climbers to meet over possible another attempt

There will be meetings between those climbers left at K2 base camp whether to mount another challenge. The three big paid expeditions are going to be leaving which will leave some not with them to decide on what to do.

If they do try to reach the summit again then this will be in early August. But a number of factors are against them. The avalanche basically destroyed all of the equipment higher up the mountain. There would not be enough of things like oxygen bottles, ropes or tents higher up. Also they will have to assess the weather and whether there is another window.

Controversially, Nick Rice has accused the Sherpas of taking down ropes from between camps 2 and 3. He thinks they might be doing this to sabotage any other groups of getting to the summit, because the Sherpas expeditions are going home. He is hoping though that they only take the damaged ropes down.

From his Facebook account here is what he said,

I have also heard that some of the Sherpas have decided to take down fixed lines between Camp II and Camp III, making it even more difficult to make any kind of attempt to reach higher camps and reach the summit. This type of behavior reminds me of something a young child would do… something like, if I can’t have it, no one can. I hope their intention is only to remove damaged ropes and that they will leave the vast majority of rope in place, however, based on my experiences thus far with these expeditions, I’m not very confident that’s the case.”

Nick Rice Facebook




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