Climbers looking for another attempt this week

There looks to be another window for climbing K2 this week. There is an improved weather situation, but this is not expected to last. But even this good weather which is expected to start today, Wednesday, still makes some climbers wary.

K2 Mountain forecast

Serge Dessureault reported from base camp that there has been recent snow of up to a meter. He said that he is wary as he would want the snow to settle on K2 reducing the avalanche risk. He said that he is not sure what to expect if he climbs up K2, as there may or may not be high avalanche risk.

Serge Dessureault Facebook

Many climbers have reached camp 3 on a previous attempt. So many will feel that they have acclimatized. So a summit push would be their next aim.

Doubts still remain though over some of the climbers who have been going higher up on K2. There have been reports where other climbers have noticed that they seem to need more help than others. Also the sheer numbers of climbers still awaiting a summit push is about a 100. If there is clear weather at some point then there would appear to be too many climbers on the Abruzzi route, which may slow up many climbers.

Some climbers have already left whether through medical reasons or tired of the waiting game at base camp.



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