Large number of climbers attempting to climb K2 in 2016

There are a large number of expeditions and climber attempting K2 this summer. Some of the larger expeditions have both Sherpas and porters. The role of the Sherpas is to fix the lines between the camps. They will also be going ahead of many of the climbers to fix these ropes.

On the one hand this will increase the chances of summits this year. But on the other hand, some climbers are reporting that it is very crowded when climbing. There seems to be waiting periods on places like House’s Chimney. Also some climbers have been reporting that there is little space to place tents on places like camp 2. Plus some climbers have apparently climbed to these places without the proper gear expecting there to be a tent for them.

As for following some blogs and information from the climbs the following links are provided.

Vanessa O’Brien twitter

Madison Mountaineering

Kari Kobler GPS

Adventure Peaks

Jake Meyer Blog

Stuart Erskine

Nick Rice

Bonita Norris

And lastly a weather forecast from Mountain Forecast



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