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Movie to be made about first 1954 ascent of K2

April 23, 2012

There will be a movie made about the controversial first ascent of K2. Director Robert Dornhelm, producer Norbert Blecha and actors Marco and Michele Bocci Alhaiqu will be making this film. The entire film has been filmed around Innsbruck.

The director Dornhelm said that he was not aware of the controversy about the first ascent of K2. He said that he will be presenting the facts in an easy to explain way.

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Fredrik Strang going to K2 in 2012

April 22, 2012

Fredrik Strang is going back to K2 in 2012. He has been putting some videos of his training on YouTube. It has been reported on Wikipedia that he is going for scientific research. The research will involve decision making at high altitude.

Strang was on K2 in 2008 when there were a number of deaths on the mountain. He was one of the climbers who turned back at 8000m before the bottleneck. His decision making then made sure of his survival.