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Belous flown out from K2

January 27, 2012

Vladimir Belous has been airlifted from K2 after having to descend with frostbite. He had frostbite to  the first finger on the right hand and three fingers on the left hand. He will fly to Moscow after leaving Pakistan.

Meanwhile the Russian expedition have had to rest at base camp while the weather is too difficult to climb. Nick Totmjanin lead a small group of climbers past camp 2 but had to descend because of bad weather.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition


Belous to return home after frostbite

January 20, 2012

Vladimir Belous has been forced to leave the Russian expedition to K2 after suffering frostbite to his toes.

He was one of three climbers who got caught in a storm that hit camp 1 a few days ago. Vladimir Belous, Eugeny Vinogradsky and Alexey Bolotov were caught in a storm on Sunday and had little warning. Their tent ripped and gear started to be blown out. There was a risk that they too would be blown down the side of K2.

This has reduced the number of climbers on K2 to 8 for this Russian expedition.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition

Storm destroys camp 1

January 18, 2012

A storm has hit the Russian expedition on K2. Camp 1 which they had set up in the previous days was flattened. Also at base camp tents were dislodged and went flying about.

So far they have reached as far as camp 2 on the Cesen route.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition

First camp established on K2

January 6, 2012

Russian climbers have established camp 1 on K2. This was set at about 6050m. Iljas Tukhvatullin, Andrew Mariev and Vadim Popovich created this camp after the earlier efforts of other climbers. They stayed for a night in the tent.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition

Russian climbers reach 5900m on K2

January 5, 2012

Climbers from the Russian winter expedition to K2 have started making progress up a router on K2. Three climbers reached 5900m up what is expected to be the Cesen route (they had planned to go up the beginning of this route). Alex Bolotov, Vladimir Belous and Eugeny Vinogradsky fixed ropes up this way. It was planned that Nick Totmjanin, Valery Shamalo and Vitaly Gorelik would continue the work the next day.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition

Second Russian group arrives at base camp

January 1, 2012

The second group from the Russian winter expedition to K2 have arrived at base camp. It included: Eugene Winogradsky, Nicholas Totmyanin, Valery Shamalo, Vitaly Gorelik, Nikolay Cherny, and Sergey Bychkovsky. If the weather permits then the third group will arrive on the 1st January with more cargo.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition