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First Russian climbers arrive at K2 base camp

December 31, 2011

The first climbers from the 2011/12 winter expedition to K2 have arrived at K2 base camp at about 5000m. They flew there by a Mi-17 helicopter from Skardu. The members from the expedition that arrived were: Ilyas Tukhvatullin, Andrew Mariev, Alexei Bolotov, Vadim Popovich, and Vladimir Belous. Also there were 3 Pakistanis and some the the cargo for the expedition. The second flight will be on the 31st December from Skardu if the weather permits it.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition


Pictures from the Russian expedition acclimatization

December 27, 2011

There has been pictures posted on Google Picasa from the acclimatization phase part of the expedition. In the pictures are some of the stock of their foods. Also there are pictures of some of the tracks they have been on to acclimatize.

Pictures from acclimatization for K2

Russian expedition hoping for new route up K2

December 26, 2011

The 2011/12 Russian expedition to K2 will attempt a new route up K2 this winter. Their plans are to start climbing up the Cesen route up K2. They will climb up this route to about 7560m. From this point they will make a new way to the summit of K2. It is not clear yet whether they will at some point have to climb through the bottleneck at 8300m to reach the summit of K2. They are taking about 2000m of rope.

Russian climbers acclimatizing for trek to K2

December 26, 2011

Members of the Russian expedition to K2 have returned to Skardu after acclimatizing themselves at a higher altitude. They have been hoping for the Pakistan army to deliver their supplies to base camp.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition

Russian K2 winter expedition arrive in Pakistan

December 13, 2011

Members of the Russian K2 2011/12 Winter Expedition have made their way to Pakistan. They arrived in Islamabad. All of their equipment passed customs and now they will be preparing to send it further.  The next step will be to travel to Skardu.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition

Russian climbers leave on 9th December to K2

December 8, 2011

The climbers from the Russian winter expedition in 2011/12 will leave on Friday 9thDecember for Islamabad, Pakistan. There will be 9 climbers in total who will be attempting to be the first climbers to climb K2 in winter.

They held a press conference in Moscow on the 5th December. They talked about the difficulties of the ascent of K2 in winter. This included the severe cold in winter; lack of oxygen; and the tactics.

Source: 2011/12 Russian K2 expedition

2011/12 Russian K2 Winter Expedition website

December 2, 2011

The Russian expedition to K2 this winter have a website with much information about their planned assault on K2. There is information about the climbers involved, the news, expedition members, photos etc.

The site has an English version, though the updates are first in Russian. The site mentions that a successful climb of K2 would not only mean much to the climbers involved but to also Russia and to sport in general in Russia.

2011/12 Russian K2 Winter Expedition website

Press conference on 5th December for Russian K2 2011/12 K2 expedition

December 2, 2011

There will be a press conference on the 5th December from the Russian expedition that are attempting to be the first climbers to make the summit of K2 in winter. The press conference will be held in Moscow.

Hopefully in this press conference they will elaborate more about their strategic plans. It is expected that they will attempt K2 from the Pakistan side. Previously a number of climbers from this expedition were part of a successful climb of the West Face of K2 in 2007.


9 climbers to make winter assault on K2

December 2, 2011

There will be 9 climbers who will be part of an expedition to K2 this winter. The Russia National Team ExpeditionK2 Winter Ascent will have these 9 climbers who will be climbing K2 itself. There will also be other expedition members such as an expedition head, doctors, and photographers etc.

Russianclimb has more information on the planned ascent of K2 by this expedition. The site is in English.

Source: Russianclimb