Kaltenbrunner, Zaluski, Zumayev and Pivtsov all summit K2

All four climbers who set off for the summit of K2 today have reached the top of K2. These climbers were: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Darek Zaluski, Maxut Zumayev and Vassily Pivtsov. Kaltenbrunner was the first to arrive at the summit at 1818. She was followed by Maxut Zumayev and Vassily Pivtsov and then finally Darek Zaluski.

Kaltenbrunner,  Zumayev  and Pivtsov by making the summit of K2 have now all completed 14 8000m mountains. Kaltenbrunner became the first female to have made the summit of these 14 8000m mountains without oxygen. Edurne Pasaban was the first woman to reach all 14 8000m mountains but she used oxygen on some of these.

Before today there have only been 23 climbers who have accomplished climbing these mountains. Now there are 26 who have climbed all 8000m mountains. There are also 4 that are disputed. Those who have climbed them without oxygen now number 13.

Source: Wikipedia

All four will have to descend in the twilight as the sun set at 1834. They may have to descend in the dark.

Source: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner


5 Responses to “Kaltenbrunner, Zaluski, Zumayev and Pivtsov all summit K2”

  1. Dromaludaire Says:

    From what I read on wikipedia, Maxut Zhumayev (25) comes before Vassily Pivtsov (26) in the order of climbers who have climbed all 8000ers. I’m not sure to understand why (since they have always summited together from G1 to K.

    Do you know if Maxut have reached the top just before Vassily today ?

    By the way : thanks for your blog. I read it all the year.

    • k2bottleneck Says:

      The update to the list is sourced to 8000er here. In that list Pivtsov is listed ahead of Maxut.

      I dont know who summited first and I doubt they would say. I believe they got there at the same time as they were trailing Kaltenbrunner.

  2. Martin Says:

    What I think is strange in the 8000er list is that it says Pivtsov climbed Everest with O2. I don’t think that this is the case.

    • k2bottleneck Says:

      Thats what I thought too. And the reports from then say that they summited without oxygen. But there may have been a problem on the way down.
      I watched the Everest series, which was a documentary of beginner climbers on Mt Everest. It was an over dramatized series about Everest. But in season 2 episode 1 I think – could be wrong on the episode – both Maxut and Vassily were coming down the Everest from the summit. Brice, the leader of the Everest expedition for the documentary, sent out some sherpas after they had heard 2 climbers were in trouble. I remember seeing both climbers Maxut and Vassily, but not much else.
      There is a link that says that Vassily was in trouble on the way down and was near death. This link says that he was lying on the snow and reluctantly accepted oxygen because of his dire circumstances. Maxut was apparantly ok. Ill need to see that episode again to see if sheds light on it.
      The link is Get Outdoors

  3. Martin Says:

    Ah, I had no idea about this. Thanks for this explanation!

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