Kaltenbrunner and Pivtsov reach the summit ridge

Ralf Dujmovits has updated his website at 1635 to say that Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Vassily Pivtsov had reached the summit ridge of K2. This was after they had negotiated the  Japanese Couloir. The summit ridge is seen to be less steep than the Couloir.

Darek Zaluski and Maxut Zumayev were behind these leading 2 climbers.

Source: Amical


2 Responses to “Kaltenbrunner and Pivtsov reach the summit ridge”

  1. Martin Says:

    Gerline is on the summit and others are not far. Congratulations!! And all the best on the way down. Are the going to make at least Camp 4 tonight?

    • k2bottleneck Says:

      Hard to say they will make it that far. If they do it will be dark. The sun sets at 1834 today. Maybe they will head to the 8300m camp they were in last night, but thats hardly ideal.
      It looks like Maxut has also summited, as he sent a text on his website.

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