K2 climbers reach 8400m

At 11:15am Pakistan time four climbers from the K2 North Ridge Expedition had reached 8400m. This is about 200m below the summit of K2. All four climbers were intensely feeing the effects of the cold. Despite this all four were confident of making the summit

Earlier in the day they had to turn back to their tent at 8300m. They had started off getting ready at 1am in the morning. Then at 1:30am they stated to feel the effects of intense cold. In particular they were feeling the effects in their hands. The slope on the Japanese Couloir is at about 45 degrees. When climbing up the climbers have to stand on the front part of their feet. This means that their feet became very cold. This was their 8th day of continuous climbing and their boots are not dry after this many days. This added to the cold in their feet. In the end they went back to their tent to try warm up.

They started climbing again at about 7:30am. Since then they have made good progress.

Conditions were good for climbing. The wind has died down completely and there is virtually no wind.

There are four climbers in this group: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Darek Zaluski, Maxut Zumayev and Vassily Pivtsov.

Source: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner


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