K2 North Ridge Expedition bivouac between camps 1 and 2

There has been difficult snow conditions which has prevented the K2 North Ridge Expedition from reaching camp 2. Instead they have bivouac most likely at the intermediate camp, though this is not certain right of now.

The progress has been slow and it has been snowing for all but 2 hours of their climb today.

Ralf Dujmovits  decided to turn back to camp 1 at 5350m. The avalanche danger was too great.

Source: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner


6 Responses to “K2 North Ridge Expedition bivouac between camps 1 and 2”

  1. Raheel Says:

    Ah tough battle there.

  2. Pat Says:

    I hope they were not in the recent avalanche!

    • k2bottleneck Says:

      No they were not in the one on the Baltoro Glacier. Between camps 1 and 2 there was avalanche danger but so far so good

  3. Martin Says:

    Yes, tough battle. Unfortunately it looks like Dumjovits and Heinrich already gave up on their attempt (judging from the comment on the amical page). Dumjovits is probably the most experienced but also the most careful member of the team – so this may increase or decrease the chances of the remaining four. Let’s hope for better conditions further up and decent weather -the forecast doesn’t look too bad.

    • k2bottleneck Says:

      I did think that Dumjovits was going to go down early. He has no real motivation for his personal goals to keep going. Unfortunately for Heinrich he may not have had the conditioning as the others. The last time he went up before this he went back down early because he did not have the right clothing for higher up

  4. Martin Says:

    Yes, I agree that for Dumjovits the motivation must have been less and same for the readiness to take risks. Would have been cool for him to climb K2 from both sides. Well, he and Heinrich might be useful in the basecamb as well – providing advice/various wheather forecasts etc to the others, preparing the packs for the camels, in worst case scenario being maybe able to provide some help if something happens.

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