Only north side K2 climbers left after Zangrilli and Baranowska leave

Conditions haven’t allowed Fabrizio Zangrilli and Kinga Baranowska to make another attempt on K2 this year. Fabrizio went back up the Cesen route after the failed summit attempt earlier in the month.

He made it as far as camp 2. But the conditions had worsened from when they last went up. There was hard ice, unconsolidated snow and some rockfall to contend with. All of this was similar to what he experienced coming down the Cesen route last year. The heat has been the cause of these conditions like it was last year.

Before calling off an attempt he looked at both Dr. Karl Gabl’s weather forecast and the website meteoexploration and concluded that it was not worth another try this year.

He has arrived in Islamabad. It took only 3 days to trek out of K2 base camp.

Fabrizio said that he is planning to come back to K2 next year…

Source: Fabrizio Zangrilli


2 Responses to “Only north side K2 climbers left after Zangrilli and Baranowska leave”

  1. Martin Says:

    Too bad but probably a reasonable decision – not sure whether 2 climbers are a strong enough team for a summit effort? Nevertheless would have been fun if both expeditions from Pakistan and Chinese side would have met up on the summit 😉 .

    • k2bottleneck Says:

      It would have been good had both sides been able to make an attempt. No doubt it was the right decision though with the effects of warmer weather on the route. It has helped the northern attempt to have 6 climbers setting up the route and camps.

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