Zangrilli regrets that they did not go for K2 summit earlier

Fabrizio Zangrilli realizes now that the best weather for the last attempt on K2 was on the 4th August. This was a day with minimum wind which would have been ideal to climb to the summit. As Zangrilli said, there are very few days where the weather on the summit is so low.

Going on this date would have meant that climbing in the early stages of the Cesen route would have been hard. This would have been especially true from camp 2 to camp 3. But he feels that they would have endured this for a possible attempt on the 4th. Of course it did not turn out like this and their hesitancy cost them that chance.

Instead they made it to camp 4, the last  before the summit, on 5th August. This meant that on the 6th August would be their summit attempt. At 1:30 that morning though all they could hear was the wind. At 3am climbers started talking about the wind. It wasn’t till 5am that Zangrilli and Luis Stizsinger decided that it was too windy for a summit attempt and it was called off.

Stizsinger put on his skis and skied to camp 3 and then the lower half of the Kukuczka route. That night at 9pm Zangrilli and Baranowska arrived at base camp.

Zangrilli said that he and Baranowska were the only ones left at base camp after Bruno Buchet and Christian Stangl left. He said that they would wait for 10 more days to see if the weather allowed them another attempt. This was on the 8th August. Since the weather forecast does not look good for the next few days, it would not surprise if there is not further attempts from the Pakistan side this year.

Source: Fabrizio Zangrilli


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