Stangl heads home after another unsuccessful K2 attempt

Christian Stangl has tried for the fourth year to climb K2 but with no success again. He had been climbing with his partner Bruno Buchet from France. Buchet initially tried climbing the Abruzzi Ridge before being joined by Stangl. But they found conditions there too dangerous to climb. They then attempted the Cesen route working closely with Fabrizio Zangrilli and Kinga Baranowska.

They did manage to make it to camp 4 just below 8000m. But the weather conditions on the summit day were too poor for any attempt and all climbers turned back.

At base camp Stangl said that it was raining when they got back. This meant that the conditions were too warm. When the conditions are like this then there can be increased rockfall after they become loose from the ice and snow.

Stangl now realizes the importance of patience on a mountain like K2. He would have left Pakistan by now and be back home in Austria.

Source: Skyrunner


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