Springer felt he was let down by porters

Rob Springer would have left Pakistan by now but he was clearly upset by what happened on K2. He was amongst a group of about 15 climbers who made the last assault on the south side of K2. Springer was with a commercial group called Field Touring Alpine who provide porters and an expedition leader.

But between camp 2 and 3 he was relying on the porters to carry the oxygen up to camp 3. For whatever reason – he does not go into detail – they were unable to do so. He tried himself to carry all of the equipment up to camp 3 but was unable to do so. In effect, because he was relying on oxygen to make the top of K2, this ended his attempt.

However, even had the oxygen arrived it is highly unlikely he would have made the summit. The weather was too windy and visibility poor for the climbers who made camp 4 on that attempt.

He ended up leaving K2’s base camp with the assistance of 2 teenage kids. They travelled 60-70kms in 2.5 days which was much quicker than one would normally expect.

Source: Rob Springer


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