Comparison of camps between Russian 1996 and North Ridge 2011

One can compare the height at which the camps up K2’s north ridge vary between this years expedition there and the 1996 expedition. The one in 1996 was a Russian one where climbers made it to the top of K2. One died on the descent. This years North Ridge Expedition have setup all of their camps and are waiting for good weather to make a possible last attempt of the summer.

As can be seen the 1996 Russian expedition had an extra camp on the way to last camp. Also the first camp of the Russians was higher than the current one. This has meant getting from camp 1 to camp 2 for the current expedition has been harder. The last camp looks to be in a similar position for both expeditions. Also camp 2 looks to be in a very similar spot for both expeditions despite differences in what they say the height is.

In other words the differences between camps are very small. The Russians had one extra camp and had a higher first camp than the present one. The present expedition also has an intermediate camp between camps 1 and 2.

The present camps from Google maps is below.


1996 Russian Expedition

GPS 2011 K2 North Ridge Expedition

Camps 1996 Russian camps 2011 North Ridge Expedition
1 5700 5350
2 6500 6600
3 7100 7100
4 7500 7900
5 7950

One Response to “Comparison of camps between Russian 1996 and North Ridge 2011”

  1. Carlos Buhler Says:

    I wish the team a great success on K2 this year! My thoughts and prayers are with you at this crucial time!!
    Carlos Buhler

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