Txikon finds dead climbers boots on way down K2

After a failed attempt on K2, Alex Txikon found boots of a climber who died on k2 in past years. When he first spotted the remains he knew that it was unusual looking on the mountain. Upon closer inspection he saw that it was a boot.

He did not think that the mountaineer could be identified. But upon looking inside of the boot he noticed that there was a name on the inside. He has kept the name of the climber quiet till his family is notified. There was some kind of ceremony at the Gilkey Memorial for the climber.

Source: Alex Txikon


2 Responses to “Txikon finds dead climbers boots on way down K2”

  1. Raheel Says:

    Touching moments!

  2. Annie Says:

    For those of us who have lost a loved one on K2 Alex Txikon’s blog entry was upsetting to read, particularly his description of the remains…and now we wait anxiously to hear…is it our loved one? For those who post blogs, please consider carefully the consequences of what you post. Perhaps it would have been better if Mr. Txikon kept this quietly to himself and then notified families on his own.

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