Devastated climbers abandon K2 push to summit

It looks like no climbers made an attempt on pushing to K2’s summit today after worse than expected conditions made it too difficult for any attempt. Strengthening winds and cloud proved to be too difficult. Even Maxut Zumayev high on the North Ridge of K2 noted the cloud on the south side of K2 and the strong winds.

However, not all climbers have updated their blogs, so at this stage it is not known if all canceled their summit attempt.

Gerfried Goeschl, Alex Txikon, Nisar and Kilian Volken

Gerfried Goeschl and Alex Txikon have reported on their websites that they have turned back and are headed back to base camp.

Both Goeschl and Txikon expressed their disappointment in not having the opportunity to make the summit. This is the third year that Goeschl has failed to make the summit of K2 after attempting it in 2007, 2009 and now in 2011. Realistically though it is hard to climb K2 without preparation throughout the summer on the mountain.

The conditions did not turn out as expected. The winds ended up being too strong for a summit attempt. They decided not to remain and see what the next days weather would be like. This would be sensible as the effects of being at about 7900m for several days, after waiting yesterday in their tent for the others to arrive, could start to have ramifications for their health.

Txikon ended up not even leaving his tent. Conditions did not allow even an attempt of the summit.

There were 4 known climbers at 7900m in Goeschl’s expedition: Gerfried Goeschl, Alex Txikon, Nisar, and Kilian Volken. All four, it is presumed, would be heading back down K2.

Goeschl has called for the porters to carry their gear back. This will be the only attempt for him.


Alex Txikon

Gerfried Goeschl

Kilian Volken

The GPS of Alex Txikon is below to follow his descent.

Alex Txikon GPS

The screen shot below shows the current location of Alex Txikon. He has reached the base of K2, though this map shows he took a slight variation on the way down from where he went up.

Kinga Baranowska and Fabrizio Zangrilli

Both of these have been climbing together on K2. They made camp 4 on K2 after going back down to camp 3 the night before. They had to go back down yesterday because they could not make it to camp 4. Baranowska said that they were exhausted  and that the conditions were windy and bitterly cold.

Source: Kinga Baranowska

2 Responses to “Devastated climbers abandon K2 push to summit”

  1. Khalid Says:

    This is a mountain that doesnot just need fitness, it needs faith and invitation from God.

  2. Raheel Says:

    Seems like an another year of blankness at K2’s top. Nonetheless, the North team is still up there. Let’s hope for the best.

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