K2 summit push will be tonight

The first push to the summit of K2this summer will begin tonight. Gerfried Goeschl has said on his website that there will be 11 climbers trying to make the summit of the second highest mountain in the world. In what will be a very long day they will start late the night before and possibly spend much of the next day ascending to the summit, and then descending if they reach it.

Goeschl’s team of himself, Alex Txikon, Nisar and Kilian Volken managed to reach camp 4 near the shoulder of K2 in preparation for the summit bid. They were the only climbers to go so high. The other climbers either went back to camp 3 or camped somewhere between camp 3 and 4. These other climbers are essential to the final push to the summit. They will be carrying and fixing ropes along the way. The bottleneck will be fixed with ropes and this will be a key area tomorrow.

The meterologist Dr. Karl Gabl has said that there will be good conditions for climbing. These conditions would include light winds, good visibility and no precipation or snow.

Source: Gerfried Goeschl


One Response to “K2 summit push will be tonight”

  1. Raheel Says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully the peak of K2 witnesses some humans now, after three years of loneliness.

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