Saturday likely day for summit of K2

In what could be a change of plans by a number of climbers, Saturday could be the day that most if not all try to go to K2’s summit. A phonecast update from Field Touring Alpine has said summit attempts are likely within the next 48 hours if not sooner. A number of climbers have either reached just below the shoulder of K2. That includes expedition members from Field Touring Alpine. It seems as if all climbers are teaming together to make the summit attempt a success.

Sophie Denis and a high altitude porter from the company are tonight on the shoulder of K2 having climbed up the Cesen route. Lakpa and another high altitude porter though are heading back down K2.

They might be spending an extra day on the shoulder of K2. The reason for this is that climber who are there want the bottleneck fixed with rope before they make a summit attempt. This part and the nearby traverse are the most dangerous parts of climbing K2. Staying up that high for longer than necessary is risky but the conditions must be good enough to allow for it. So tomorrow the climbers will climb the rest of the way tothe shoulder at about 8000m and fix some sections of the route ahead.

The climbers from other expeditions mentioned as having reached the shoulder include: Fabrizio Zangrilli, Kinga Baranowska, Nisar, Alex Txikon and Gerfried Goeschl.

Source: Field Touring Alpine


2 Responses to “Saturday likely day for summit of K2”

  1. Raheel Says:

    Will be anxiously waiting for updates in coming days.
    And well, I am so happy to find this blog; have always wanted to know what’s going on up there at K2.

    Thank you for updates

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