North Ridge Expedition have their record climb for a day on K2

The North Ridge Expedition on K2 have had the most progress in a day on K2 this year. They climbed 1300m from camp 1 to camp 2 at about 6600m.

It was a triesome day, Maxut Zumayev said. They were carrying backpacks that weighed about 20 pounds. This was necessary because they contained tents.

Maxut was very tired at the end of the day that took 11 hours. The next aim is to make camp 3 at about 7100m and establish a camp. He expects that the snow will be easier than from camp 1. But the backpacks will be hard to climb with as they go higher. Once there at camp 3 they will go to 8000m to make camp 4.

Source: Kazpatriot

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