Fabrizio Zangrilli will lead climbers up K2’s most dangerous sections

The summit push has started on the 2nd of August and amongst them in Fabrizio Zangrilli. A veteran of climbing K2, he may know the Pakistan routes as well as anyone around both as a guide and trying to reach the summit.

This year he has been climbing with Kinga Baranowska on the Cesen route. He prefers this route as he believes that it is generally safer. Both Christian Stangl and Bruno Buchet have assisted in fixing the ropes to camp 3.

He said that all of the rope fixing has been worked out for the climb up K2. Zangrilli will fix the ropes for the first 300m above camp 3, which is at about 7000m. From there other climbers have been set the task to fix the ropes up to camp 4. Also Zangrilli will lead the climbers on the summit day. He will head out first on the bottleneck and then the traverse under the huge ice serac.

His main concern is that the snow might be too deep. But he and the others will not know for sure will they are above camp 3 and especially above camp 4 heading for the summit.

Source: Fabrizio Zangrilli


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