Christian Stangl and Bruno Buchet to attempt K2 summit on 5th August

Both Christian Stangl and Bruno Buchet will be attempting the summit of K2 at the same time. They will be sharing a tent as they ascend K2. The weather forecast is the best of the summer with light winds forecast. At the moment they are at base camp but on the 2nd of August will attempt to scale the second highest mountain in the world.

The itinerary of the summit ascent is as follows as long as the weather holds:

2nd August – camp2

3rd August – camp 3

4th August – camp 4 at about 7900m

5th August – summit of K2 at 8611m

Christian Stangl is aiming for redemption after faking last years summit attempt. He is carrying a video recorder to prove it if he does make the summit of K2 this year. This is Stangl’s fourth year climbing K2.

They will leave at 10-11pm the night before they attempt the summit. The reason that will leave so early is that the final day can take a very long time depending on conditions. The aim is to get to the top by about 2pm if it is possible. Some climbers may feel comfortable with later times though reaching the summit.

They have the aim of returning to base camp on either the 6th August or the 7th of August. But Buchet acknowledged that the snow conditions could be demanding higher up. Also the bottleneck will provide as challenge on summit day.

Joining them will be Field Touring Alpine. They are a commercial group with paid clients. Also it is expected that Kinga Baranowska and Fabrizio Zangrilli will be climbing with them. They have been setting up ropes and tents and have not been making much progress on the Cesen route this year.

Others can also be expected to be following their way up on these dates.

Source: Horizon8000m


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