60 year old Kilian Volken eyes K2 summit

Kilian Volken is going to make an assault on K2 and make the summit on 5th August. He will be joined by his climbing partners Gerfried Goeschl, Alex Txikon and Nisar. Incredibly  Volken is 60 years of age. He says that at this time of your life you either give up climbing high altitude mountains or go one step further.

He has twice been to K2 before and not made the summit. He went with Gerfried Goeschl both times.

They will be taking the Cesen route. Initially they had planned to go up the Abruzzi Ridge. But conditions there have proved to be too difficult.

He has changed tactics since the failed attempt in 2007. This time he will be taking a porter, Nisar, to assist him. Also he will be using bottled oxygen on the bottleneck, which is at about 8200m.Also part of the change in tactics is going up the Cesen route.

This will be Volken’s only attempt of the summer on K2. Already he has climbed Gasherbrum 2 this summer and that allowed him to acclimatize.

Source: Kilian Volken


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