15 climbers aiming for K2 summit on Friday

There are 15 climbers on the Pakistan side of K2 that are aiming for the top of K2 on the 5th of August. All of them are climbing on the Cesen route. This has been the more stable than the Abruzzi Ridge this year.

All of them appear to be leaving on the 2nd August so that they can make an attempt on the summit later in the week. They have decided that the 5th will present their best opportunity to summit the second highest mountain in the world. The weather forecast is very promising and light winds are predicted at least up to that date. It is possible that this date could change, but they sound very confident of getting up to camp 4 early enough to make an assault on the summit on that date.

What will be important is the coordination between the expeditions. There must have been much ropes laid up to camp 3. They will need to establish ropes on the trickier sections to camp 4 and then setup camp at about 8000m so that summit day is not too long and hard. Also they will need to lay rope on the bottleneck where so many accidents have happened.

Crucially though, no one knows what the conditions are like above 8000m on K2 this year. No one has been near this height due to the poor weather.

On the Chinese North Ridge they have already stated that they are not going for the summit on this attempt. There are 6 climbers trying to make the summit from that side of the mountain.

Some of the climbers are as follows:

Fabrizio Zangrilli

Kinga Baranowska

Christian Stangl

Bruno Buchet

Gerfried Goeschl

Alex Txikon

Kilian Volken


Field Touring Alpine

Sophie Denis

Rob Springer


On the North Ridge of K2 are:

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

Ralf Dujmovits

Tommy Heinrich

Darius Zaluski

Maxut Zumayev

Vassiliy Pivtsov


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