Field Touring Alpine hoping for 5th August summit bid of K2

Field Touring Alpine are hoping the good weather on K2 continues in the early part of August. If it does then they hope to make the summit of K2 on the 5th August.

The plan is to climb up the Cesen route. Originally they were going up the Abruzzi Ridge, but that was considered too dangerous this year. Ropes have already been setup on the lower parts of the route.

They have moved their gear up to camp 2. The will plan to climb a camp a day, except the first one where they will go up to camp 2.

Climbing dates

2nd August – camp 2

3rd August – camp 3

4th August – camp 4 at about 8000m on the shoulder of K2

5th August – summit bid

An important part  of the summit bid will be the coordination between the different expeditions. All of them are now climbing on the Cesen route. Its possible all are planning to make a summit bid at the same time  or near.

Another important factor will be the weather. Mountain Forecast predicts that this will be the best weather window of the summer so far. But FTA said in their blog that there could be rising winds on the summit that day. If the weather is not good enough then they will hope that there is another weather window in the week after.

The climbers from FTA who will make a summit bid are: Sophie Denis, Rob Springer and Lakpa. Chris Szymiec will be at camp 2 coordinating the climb.

Source: Field Touring Alpine


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