Kinga Baranowska hopeful on K2

Kinga Brabowska has updated her website and is hopeful of making it to the top of K2, but wants more help from the expeditions that have recently joined. She explained that the conditions had been tough. There is alot of snow on the upper parts of K2. This has made the climbing exhausting and slow.

Baranowska has been climbing with Fabrizio Zangrilli. Joining them was a Frenchmen( Bruno Buchet) and an Austrian( possibly Christian Stangl). They have laid ropes up to about 7000m and this is wher they setup camp 3. They have spent a night there.

Ahead there is alot of work. She’s hoping the new arrivals help with setting up the rope to camp4 on the shoulder. Despite the severe conditions this she believes that they will succeed.

Source: Kinga Baranowska



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