Springer looking forward to K2 challenge

Rob Springer is at K2 base camp waiting for a weather window so that he can start climbing K2. He has been on Broad Peak – without success – but is feeling full of energy for K2.

Springer was involved in a rescue operation on Broad Peak. A climber from Field Touring Alpine was in trouble after coming down from the summit of Broad Peak. This climber had a muscle strain. They had been descending in darkness the night before after becoming lost. Springer went to meet them, but it ended up the climber was able to get down on his own volition.

Joining Springer will be joined on K2 by the following climbers from Field Touring Alpine:  Sophie Denis; 2 expedition leaders, and 4 altitude porters. This means that there are only 2 clients who will be making the attempt. The rest have headed home.

Springer wants to make a first foray up K2 to camp 2 or 3. Then in the next weather window go for the summit.

The climber who fell and died on Broad Peak was Chinese Jeff Wai Hung Chung. He fell about 500 feet before falling down a crevasse.

Source: Rob Springer


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