Field Touring Alpine may reconsider K2 after death on Broad Peak

A tragedy on Broad Peak may affect Field Touring Alpine’s attempt on K2. The death occurred after several successful summits by the company.

The death occurred as 2 climbers were going down to camp 3. There is a series of seracs at 7600m. The climbers were going down fixed lines. One of them fell 300m across the uneven surface and eventually fell down a deep crevasse. Those who saw the fall from base camp said that there was little chance of survival. The other climber returned to camp 3 to get assistance as the terrain was too difficult for one climber alone to get there.

Two groups then attempted to reach the fallen climber. But because of dangerous snow conditions they were not able to get there. All climbers ended up descending because of the snow conditions and the worsening weather. Eventually a party set off from base camp to see if any progress could be made to get to the fallen climber. But it was assessed that it was too dangerous.

Some members of Field Touring Alpine were meant to leave on the 26th of July, while others go to K2 base camp. They say now that plans might change because of this.

To find out in more detail about this click on the link below.

Source: Field Touring Alpine


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