Plans still on track for North Ridge Expedition

Despite worsening weather the North Ridge Expedition are still confident of being able to fulfil the next stage on K2. At the moment they are at advanced base camp awaiting for the weather to get better.

Maxut Zumayev said that the weather forecast expects that the wild weather will last till 30th July. At the moment the winds are blowing really hard. But he does not expect that these winds will affect the route to camp 3.

Of more concern at the moment is a mudflow near their camp. It is at a safe distance from the camp but this was previously where they collected water. Now it has mud with stones and pieces of ice.

Maxut has also shared some of the photos that have recently been taken on the way towards camp 3 on K2.

In one of the photos Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is descending towards camp 1 and a huge avalanche just misses to the left of her. Another shows the progress so far of the expedition.

Maxut’s Photos on K2

The expedition consists of: Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Ralf Dujmovits, Tommy Heinrich, Darius Zaluski, Maxut Zumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov.

Source: Kazpatriot


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