Gerfried Goeschl hopes to summit K2 in early August

Gerfried Goeschl has made it to K2 base camp hoping to make the summit of the mountain in early August. This month he has already climbed Gasherbrum 1. He arrived alone from his expedition.Some of the others who climbed Gasherbrum 1 with him, Alex Txikon and Louis Rousseau included, instead of going to K2 base camp, made the summit of Gasherbrum 2 instead. Now Txikon will head to K2 base camp and to start climbing with Goeschl.

Goeschl is climbing up the Cesen route on K2. He said that there were only 5 climbers at K2 base camp. But he said this will increase when climbers from his expedition join.

He said he hopes to climb to 7100m on K2 with Fabrizio Zangrilli and Kinga Baranowska. He wants to set things up early so that there can be an early August summit of K2.

Source: Gerfried Goeschl


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