Confusion over weather forecasts in the Karakoram

One of the most difficult things to predict has been the weather in the current Karakoram season. Climbers have been reporting on their websites that forecasts have not turned out as expected as they have gone higher up these mountains.

The climbers get their information from different sources. Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is known to use the same meteorologist for her weather forecasts. The Altitude Junkies, who have been climbing Broad Peak, use a United States service for their weather. Others use common Internet sources.

Even amongst team members there can be disagreement as to if the weather is suitable for a summit bid. The Altitude Junkies, on their blog on their climb of Broad Peak, show 3 different opinions as to if the weather was good enough for a summit climb. Also they say there are ‘whispers’ that go around the camps about what the weather will be like.

Some expeditions are going for the summit of Broad Peak this weekend as they have had word that this will be the last window for making the summit in the immediate future.

One thing that is cropping up amongst some of the climbers blogs is that the weather window is soon to close. Mountain forecast website is saying that there will lots of snow to fall next week.

Source: Mountain Forecast

Source: Alititude Junkies


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