North Ridge Expedition presses on nearing camp 2

The North Ridge Expedition to K2 have continued on up K2 despite concerns about the weather. Maxut Zumayev said that they have persisted despite deep snow slowing them down.

Tommy Heinrich, Darius Zaluski, Maxut Zumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov have moved up to 6100m and are at the intermediate camp before camp 2. They will be spending the night there. It is only 500m till camp 2 and they will complete this tomorrow. They will be using this to acclimatize too. Once at camp 2 they will make progress towards camp 3 at about 7100m depending on a good site.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Ralf Dujmovits will follow behind these climbers as they have already had some acclimatization at camp 2.

Maxut also spoke about a possible successful way they could complete the expedition despite the difficulties. He said they would need to setup camp 3 and then camp 4 before a summit push. There’s many other factors but that’s the plan.

Source: Kazpatriot

Maxut’s GPS

Maxut Zumayev GPS


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